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Pickleball Paddle Match: Which Paddle Is Meant for You?

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Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and love is in the air! Because we believe that every pickleball player deserves to have a paddle that completes their game, Team GAMMA is going to play matchmaker so you can find the paddle of your dreams. 

Every pickleball player has their own unique style of play. Maybe you like to hug the baseline and dominate the groundstroke game, or maybe you’re a master of finesse and excel at dink rallies. Perhaps you’re aggressive and like to take offensive risks. Or maybe you’re patient and prefer to wait for your opponent to make an error to end the point. Whatever your style of play is, you need a paddle that suits you!

Sometimes when you find your perfect match, you create your own little love language. So what would a power player say to her paddle? What kind of sweet nothings would a dink master whisper? Check out the conversation hearts we think different types players would give to their ideal paddle match.

Power Player
Conversation heart: Texting you today!

Are you the type of person that goes after what you want rather than waiting for it to come to you? Do you attack your game with a tenacity that’s unmatched by your competitors? Are all of your hits strong and focused? For you, mis-hits just aren’t in the cards. Because you’re a powerful player, you’ll need a paddle that can stand up to the challenge, one that can help give you the support and strength that you need to succeed. You need something weighty, that can handle the force you’re packing in each shot.

GAMMA Atomic pickleball paddle product shot.

If you’re a power player, your perfect match would be the GAMMA Atomic Paddle. It’s our heaviest paddle, weighing in at 8.5 ounces. The added density allows for more power behind groundstrokes and more feedback after a shot. The Flush-Fit™ Bumper will give you 30 percent more hitting area which will help you avoid those dreaded mis-hits.

Aggressive Net Player
Conversation heart: Come Close and Kiss Me

Is the net your best friend? Does the pickleball virtually kiss your paddle as you effortlessly volley it back to your opponent? Do you have cat-like reflexes that help you make quick and precise returns? If so, you’re going to want a paddle that compliments your swift movements on the court. You need something lightweight, aerodynamic and easily maneuverable, so you can return a shot at lightning speed.

GAMMA Neutron pickleball paddle product shot.

Sound familiar? Team GAMMA is going to set you up with our Neutron paddle, our newest, fastest model, weighs in at just 7 ounces. Because you need a paddle that will allow for the quickest reaction, placement and recovery time; we think that you and the Neutron will make a great pair!

Dink Master 
Conversation heart: Sweet Stuff

Are you the type of player that loves to send a sweet dink shot into your opponent’s kitchen? Do you love quick finesse shots that keep your opponent on their toes? If you’re in an intense, close-quarter dink rally master, you need to not only trust yourself, but also your paddle to give you the proper amount of feel and stability. But you still need something lightweight enough to give you consistent feedback as you’re finessing your moves.

GAMMA Voltage pickleball paddle product shot.

If you’re what we list to call a Dink Master, we know exactly which paddle will be the yin to your yang - GAMMA’s Voltage. It’s our best-seller, and for good reason. The graphite surface of the Voltage will provide you with a heightened response to your shots, which could mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Now that our matchmaking duties have been fulfilled, we want to know: What paddle is your perfect match? Would you send your paddle a valentine? Let #TeamGAMMA know on Facebook!

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