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Micron Pickleball Paddle: Mid-weight paddle gives players more time to control the ball!

  • $ 59.95

The GAMMA Micron Pickleball paddle is the perfect paddle for those wanting a mid-weight paddle, a good sized face and a smaller grip. With a fiberglass composite hitting surface and an aramid honeycomb core, this 8.1 oz paddle is ideal for players who crave the "touch" game. The lightweight core is sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass thus giving players more time to control the ball. A rubber edge guard wraps around the outside of the paddle's face. 

  • GAMMA Aramid Honeycomb Core: aramid honeycomb core provides great touch with the right amount of power.
  • GAMMA Durable Edge Guard: protects the paddle hitting surface and core against court damage  
  • GAMMA PB Contour Grip: Stitched rib and perforations increase gripping power and moisture absorption. Cushioned surface provides greater feedback and control.

Complies with USAPA Specifications


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